“…Finding Cures. Rewarding Participants using Blockchain, AI, ML and Big Data…”


The convergence of these exponential technologies, ie, blockchain, AI, ML, and Big Data is absolutely needed now and is highlighted during this current COVID-19 pandemic medical crisis when there is an URGENT need to find a cure or a vaccine to abate the crisis and alleviate the pain and suffering by reducing the number of deaths of patients and billions of lives negatively impacted by this pandemic. In time of crisis, especially during a global crisis, we are all needed to work together to find the solutions. Everyone wants to contribute in some selfless ways but this crisis also highlights the need for people to find some financial revenue to support themselves, ie, personally, professionally and for society as a whole.

myChainOmics is a new and innovative solution for everyone to “win”, ie, a new paradigm for incentivizing and democratizing drug discovery research using cutting edge technologies and decentralized information to maintain integrity and endure confidentiality and privacy of personal IP and medical data from participants.


  • myChainOmics integrates BLOCKCHAIN technology platform with ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI), MACHINE LEARNING (ML) and Big Data to incentivize and reward participants and patients to contributing their genetic information, personal IP and medical data for clinical research studies to find new cures, vaccines and novel therapies, eg,  finding vaccines for current COVID-19 pandemic
  • Direct connection between anonymized patient data and compensation for medical research, ie CONNECTING DATA TO VALUE for participants and for researchers.
  • INCREASE GLOBAL PARTICIPATION, INCREASE GLOBAL GENETIC GENE POOL for new discoveries and therapies due to more INCENTIVISED participation with various rewards to participants. 
  • BLOCKCHAIN enables:
    • New paradigm for medical discoveries and medical research model
    • Massive scale data sharing
    • Unique IDs validated and verifies “real participants” and facilitates rewards
    • Anonymization of participants ie, no personal identifiers, and DECENTRALIZATION of data.
    • Enables increased personal privacy, confidentiality and security


  • Multiple users enter the platform, sharing data into a global database and a blockchain platform which will create unique ID’s for each user. The user’s data and information is anonymized maintaining privacy, confidentiality to ensure security and integrity of data. The system does not reveal users’ names or identifying information.
  • Each user is assigned a UNIQUE ID which will allow the system too:
    • Verification to ensure this is an actual person
    • Access to the portal to participate in potential clinical trials
    • Allow compensation to be transferred to the participant
  • Access and scale of the platform to allow global participation and increase numbers of participants, ie increase global database
  • Researchers has access to a one-stop platform for clean, high-quality data coming from a larger database pool
  • Utilize and access modern advances in AI, ML and pattern recognition too address and have access to a whole new scale of data for clinical trial studies to develop new therapies, vaccines, and cures
  • Healthy participants or patients can be incentivized to share their anonymous data or IP and reap rewards of any new discoveries that was a direct contribution of their shared IP
  • Increase and expedite the probability of faster discoveries and new therapeutics and democratize and more distributed equality in sharing in the benefits and rewards for all players involved in the discovery process, new therapies developed including knowledge you contributed to saving lives.